Post-Surgery Diet Guidelines

After surgery it is very important to follow the recommended guidelines to ensure success and minimize the risk of complications. A sample of a post-surgery diet is as follows:

Day 0-3→ Clear liquid diet. Includes water, tea, diluted juice, sugar-free jello, chicken/meat broth.

Day 4-14→ Full liquid diet. Includes protein shakes, fat-free milk, broth, miso soup, hot cereals, fat-free yoghurt, baby fruit and vegetable food.

Day 15-35→ Puree diet. Includes pureed meat and poultry, soft fish fillets, fat-free cottage, scrambled egg whites, canned fruits, creamy soups.

Week 6 and beyond→ Low-fat, protein-rich regular diet. You can start eating regular food as part of a healthy lifestyle in small, controlled, frequent portions.

Remember to take small sips of liquids and use no straws! Eat slowly and chew food well to prevent blockage. Avoid smoking. Do not drink carbonated drinks and beverages. Avoid alcohol.