Colorectal Cancer Diagnosis

In order to diagnose colorectal cancer, your doctor may recommend some tests or procedures including:

  1. Lower GI endoscopy or Colonoscopy. This procedure is considered nowadays as the “gold standard” in the diagnosis of colorectal cancer. Using a long, flexible tube introduced at the anus and attached to a video camera and monitor, the doctor is able to visualize the entire large bowel and rectum. Moreover, the procedure provides the doctor the ability to biopsy suspicious lesions and even remove small polyps in the bowel.
  2. Blood tests, e.g. CEA and α-FP, are not diagnostic of colorectal cancer, but are highly indicative. They may also provide information about response to treatment and prognosis in the future.
  3. Computerized Tomography (CT) is a highly specific and sensitive imaging examination by which your doctor will assess the spread or extent of the disease and determine the stage of cancer (cancer Staging). Staging is very important in defining the preferred method of treatment in each patient.